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to the 2012 International contest in Denver, CO, where they finished 4th in the world! Their 4th place finish in Denver qualified them for the 2013 International contest in Honolulu, HI.  Frenzy was thrilled and honoured to win the “Most Entertaining Quartet” award, and also keep their spot in the “top ten” with a 7th place finish!! Frenzy was beyond excited to bump up to a “top five” spot with their 5th place finish in Baltimore, MD, in 2014.  In 2015, in Las Vegas, NV, Frenzy was named the "Most Entertaining Quartet" for the second time, and was ecstatic to walk away with 2nd place medals! Finally, in 2016, in Las Vegas, NV, Frenzy was crowned the 2017 International Quartet Champion! They were also named the "Most Entertaining Quartet" for the second year in a row!


Frenzy would like to send special thanks to the many coaches, family members, friends, choruses and to Regions 13 and 26 for their support!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Frenzy: a wild outburst, almost insanity or temporary madness


These four talented women have performed all over Washington State and British Columbia, and entertained audiences with their distinctive sound and style.


Frenzy is truly an international quartet with Anne living in the Vancouver, BC area while Nikki, Judy, and Melissa live in the Seattle, WA area. Long drives and border crossings have become a regular part of their weekend rehearsals!


All four members of Frenzy are members of Sweet Adelines International (a worldwide a cappella singing organization for women). Frenzy includes two chorus directors and a choreographer and, between them, they represent two choruses: a cappella joy Chorus (Seattle, WA), and Westcoast Harmony Chorus (Surrey, BC). They are all chorus and quartet coaches and, in their “real lives”, they have day jobs in the law, financial analysis, and teaching areas.

In October, 2011 Frenzy travelled to Houston, TX to compete in their first International contest together.  They not only won the

coveted Novice Quartet prize, but they also achieved amazing

scores and went on to compete in the top 10 Finalists contest, finishing 8th place. Placing in the Top 10 automatically sent them

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